Report an Issue with a Road


Under the guidance of Superintendent James Melton, the Upson County Road Department provides leadership and administrative support for matters relating to:

  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Roads
Road Paving


Our Road Department professional's responsibilities and duties involve a variety of items; they include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Certain Permits and Bridge / Culvert Inspections
  • Dirt Road Maintenance
  • Drainage Problems / Complaints and Stopped Up Pipe / Catch Basins
  • Paving of Dirt Roads
  • Pothole Complaints and Repairs
  • Right of Way Mowing, Tree / Bush Trimming
  • Sign Requests and Installation
  • Street Repaving Requests, Creation and Maintenance of the County's Priority List
  • Traffic Problems / Discussion

Public Works

Public Works also collaborates with Finance and Administration for funding applications to the Georgia Department of Transportation and other agencies for new road projects and resurfacing Upson County's roads.