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Dec 13

Pharmacies in Rena's Outlet Building on square

Posted on December 13, 2021 at 4:45 PM by Jamesan Gramme

How does your Christmas list differ from this one published in 1909?!

The now vacant Rena’s Outlet building on the East side of the square has a long history of pharmacies occupying the location, beginning with W.A. Daniel’s Drug Store. 

Dr. W.A. Daniel moved to Thomaston mid-1905 around the same time he purchased the former hardware building at 107 S. Center Street. Over the next 10 years he operated a successful pharmacy which also fell under the Rexall umbrella, a popular chain of drug stores in the early-late 20th century. 

In June of 1915, Mr. Jabe Stamps purchased the drug store, renaming it after himself. After Stamps’s death in early 1925, Mr. Harry Williams bought the business, and once again the store was renamed, this time to Williams Pharmacy. Williams had previously been affiliated with City Drug (located only thee stores down). Thirteen years later, the business was bought out again. The newly named Jacobs Pharmacy opened in March, 1938, and with that the Rexall brand was changed to Walgreens. 

The next sale transformed the pharmacy into one that many should recognize. In June, 1940, Marion Matthews “Red” McClellan purchased Jacobs and renamed it McClellan’s Pharmacy. Mr. McClellan already owned Red’s Pharmacy located in the Ritz building, which opened in 1927. 

Over the next thirty years McClellan’s Pharmacy stood the test of time, until it finally closed sometime in 1970. Mr. McClellan passed away just four years later. His building went through several changes over the following years, including another drug store called Big-C (later moved to a location on N. Center). Today it sits empty as the former Rena’s Outlet. Hopefully another business can fill this space soon!


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Daniel Drugs-1915-06-11-Jabe Stamps bought

Thomaston Times, June 11, 1915.

Jabe Stamps Pharmacy bought-1925-02-06-Williams

Thomaston Times, February 6, 1925.

Williams Pharm Bought_1938-02-25

Thomaston Times, February 25, 1938.

McClellans buys Jacobs Pharm_1940-06-27

Thomaston Times, June 27, 1940.